Mono tutorials for know-nothings like myself

For years I have been in the non-enviable position that I tried to understand how to use an API but never found the documentation sufficient. I learn better from examples.

However, for some reason most tutorials on the Web are very complicated. Instead of demonstrating how to use a specific API they always go for complicated combinations and/or use the API for a completely unnecessary (for understanding the API) task. The authors are always very smart and don't understand why the rest of us don't understand.

So I decided to write tutorials based on my trial and error sessions. I left out the actual trials and errors and present the tutorials in the form in which I would have liked to find them, written for know-nothings like myself, constantly pointing out the obvious.

(I am assuming some familiarity with C# and the .NET framework.)

Please email me at if a tutorial is not simple enough (or if you want to propose subjects for future tutorials*).

  1. windowWillClose: Getting the application to quit when the main window closes
  2. NSTableView: Getting an NSTableView to do something, just something

*Note: I will only write simple tutorials. "How does this control work?" is fine. But anything that contains more than one item of interest is off-topic here. I.e. I will try to figure out and explain how a table view control works but I won't at the same time connect a database to it (assuming that is what one usually does with those things). If you are looking for real help with C#, .NET or Mono, don't come here, go to Stackoverflow.